Unmarked Barthel Style Alcohol Bunsen Burner

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  1. Doug Eisemann

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    Apr 27, 2009
    OK, so not a camping stove, but rather another piece of laboratory apparatus in the form of the classic Barthel type gravity-feed alcohol Bunsen burner.
    I cannot be 100 percent sure, but I am reasonably certain that this is made in the United States by one of the scientific supply houses, although it has no makers marks anywhere. Only markings are some obscured wording and "67%" on the burner tube, which I assume, has something to do with the brass pipe stock it was made out of, rather than the burner itself.
    It is a heavy, solid beast, with the burner tube made out of brass stock about 3mm thick, while the spirit cup is 2mm thick brass stock. The inlet pipe is packed with a bundle of copper wires, presumably to help minimize back pressure surges into the alcohol tank.
    The base is very heavy cast iron, making the whole thing very stable and unlikely to be pulled off the table.
    It looks unfired, but I would love to try it out as soon as I rig up a suitable gravity feed tank and tubing.

    Doug E.

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    Apr 19, 2013
    it is alk. level in liquid - possible proper meaning is "not less then..."
    typical gravity lab burner in old style