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    Inside the cover of this stove there was a quality control sticker which was rubber stamped 1982 9 4. I think it meant that the stove was checked for quality on 4 September 1982

    Whilst it looks like an Optimus 111C there are several differences
    This stove only uses paraffin. It is NOT a multifuel stove

    You have to clean the nipple with prickers. There is NO internal cleaning needle

    The pan supports on 111s distort with heat. These pan supports are bent to keep them away from rhe flame.

    This was a roarer AND a silent stove. There were two sets of burner fittings which fitted on to the burner. A burner plate which made it a roarer. An inner and outer silent cap which changed the stove to a silent stove. The silent fittings clipped into the top but the burner plate simply rested on the burner top

    The paraffin sticker was added by me to try to stop people using it as a multifuel stove

    It had not occurred to me previously to use part of the ebay description to save rewriting stuff that I had already said but it saves a lot of time.

    1263060026-500C_ass_opt.jpg 1263060046-500C_burner_opt.jpg 1263060064-500C_funnel_opt.jpg 1263060080-500C_insts_opt.jpg 1263060101-500C_case_opt.jpg 1263060119-500C_box_opt.jpg

    Regards Bryan
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