Vacuum "Sunflower" No.2

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  1. hydro451

    Dec 17, 2008
    This Vacuum "Sunflower" No.2 was made by Hipolito.
    Though not as well made as my other Hipolitos IMO, this No.2 has a rather thin walled tank and the feet, although attractive, are quite thin brass and are easily bent out of shape. It runs ok, but not as nice as the others. I cleaned out the tank, replaced the jet , pickled the burner( actually it was quite clean to start ) , but still flame is still not quite right,but acceptable.

    1251803238-vacuum_2_whole_2.jpg 1251803310-vacuum_2_sunflower.jpg 1251803327-vacuum_2_sunflower_up_close.jpg 1251803346-vacuum_2_sunflower_word.jpg 1251803364-vacuum_2_vacuum_word.jpg 1251803414-vacuum_2_no_2.jpg 1251803446-vacuum_flame_2.jpg 1251803949-vacuum_2_flame_close_up.jpg

    This stove came without legs. The spirit cup is steel as well as the flame ring.

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