Veritas picnic stove (1950?)

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    Mar 10, 2008
    Two veritas picnic stoves.

    The first is interesting as it came in a very sturdy, welded case. I was told it was made by the sellers father, a copper-smith, 70 years ago. Would make the case older than the stove? I am tempted to repaint the case but if I make it too nice I may not want to use it. It is thick steel so I think I will leave it as is.

    The leg sockets show some signs of being over heated, with a little melted solder appearing and one braze on the flame ring support had detached, the stove was also totally black with soot suggesting a hard life.

    The second stove comes with funnel and the usual extras. It has what may be a date on the bottom of the tin 11/50?

    I have a few one pint roarers and this is by far the quietest, but it is equal to any of the others in heat output.

    Both have captive air screws which is a feature that I really like. I do prefer the reserve cap to be mounted on the tank but the captive screw does help decrease the chances of loosing it.


    1290117640-veritas_pack_away_stoves_007_640x480_320x240.jpg 1290117927-veritas_pack_away_stoves_001_640x480_320x240.jpg 1290118094-veritas_pack_away_stoves_002_640x480_320x240.jpg 1290118216-veritas_pack_away_stoves_003_640x480_320x240.jpg 1290118317-veritas_pack_away_stoves_004_640x480_320x240.jpg 1290118447-veritas_pack_away_stoves_005_640x480_320x240.jpg 1290118478-veritas_pack_away_stoves_006_640x480_320x240.jpg 1290118596-veritas_pack_away_stoves_008_640x480_320x240.jpg 1290118647-veritas_pack_away_stoves_009_640x480_320x240.jpg 1290118771-veritas_pack_away_stoves_010_640x480_320x240.jpg 1290118807-veritas_pack_away_stoves_011_640x480_320x240.jpg
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