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Veritas Pump Stove No.5 c.1920(?)

Discussion in 'Falk, Stadelmann & Co Ltd' started by igh371, May 10, 2015.

  1. igh371

    igh371 United Kingdom Subscriber

    Jun 23, 2013
    North-East England

    Presenting here an early Veritas stove for information and comment. The most distinctive feature I think is the tank top spirit ring; I have never seen a British made stove set up this way. It appears to be mimicking one of the options which appeared on some Primus and Optimus stoves around the time of WW1:

    1431273188-DSC02573_opt.jpg 1431273197-DSC02574_opt.jpg

    Could these have first been produced in the 1917-18 period when the German U-boat blockade was most effective at cutting off imports? or immediately post-WW1?

    The second most distinctive feature is less visible. That is the weight. Everything about this Veritas is heavy weight; from the pressure release key to the tank bottom seam to the pump tube end cap to the gauge of the tank material:

    1431274391-DSC02559_opt.jpg 1431274400-DSC02560_opt.jpg 1431274379-DSC02566_opt.jpg

    On the scales, devoid of fuel, this 2 pint stove weighs in at 1095gms, an equivalent Priimus weighs only 825gms. The tank top legends proclaim 'VERITAS PUMP STOVE No5 LONDON, GLASGOW, MANCHESTER':

    1431274422-DSC02570_opt.jpg 1431274413-DSC02568_opt.jpg 1431274356-DSC02565_opt.jpg

    It has taken some time to acquire an appropriate burner unit; the filler cap, however, is currently a suitably 'chunky' Valor cap temporarily substituted in the absence of an original.

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