Zebco Propane stove - replacement orifice

Discussion in 'Fettling Forum' started by abq_hugh, Oct 12, 2010.

  1. abq_hugh

    Oct 12, 2010
    Hi Folks,

    Recently I got a two-burner Zebco propane stove for a few bucks at a garage sale. [I know it's not a common one so I will post pictures later]. It was marked as made in the UK but seems to be for the US market.

    It had a line to the standard [at least for US] ~16.oz propane bottle. However the line had been spliced, so I am not sure if it was made to run on propane or another pressurized gas.

    When I hooked it up to a propane bottle, the output pressure was too high. I removed the propane bottle and saw that the male fitting that goes into the propane bottle had a fairly good sized hole drilled into the side of it. Not good; no wonder there was so much pressure.

    Having discovered that the fitting that connected the line to the stove body was a very standard size, I connected it to a large propane tank [having a standard bbq grill pressure regulator], sealing threads well, checking for leaks, etc]. It does run, but there isn't really enough output....enough to get a coffee percolator going eventually, but I can imagine cooking a meal on it would take hours.

    I unscrewed the burner covers and saw that each burner has a hex plug brass orifice....labeled "6". I removed the orifices, and soaked them in paint thinner overnight [then rinsed with lacquer thinner], then used light airgun pressure to blow them dry.

    It now passes a 'little' more pressure, but still less than optimal.

    So......finally, here's my question:
    Is there a place to get replacement orifices?

    The orifice threads look pretty standard, and I have seen hex plug orifices like this in other places. I am thinking these might be gummed up. I checked online for "size 6 orifice" but nothing results. I see lots for numbers like 53, 49, etc., but nothing for 6.

    Thanks for any advice and I will post pics as needed.
  2. RonPH

    May 1, 2009
    I have one off those and if you say the hole in the regulatory has been enlarged, thats not good. The orifice should not been a problem since its does not required the uses off a pricker some the aperture should remain the same. You may need to find a donor propane connector to replace the one that was drilled or enlarged.

  3. Donnod123

    Jan 9, 2014
    This stove , from what I can see was sold in the UK as A Tilley, great stoves and built like Tanks.
    In the UK they run at a bottle pressure of 1bar, they do not use regulators.
    Have a search for Tilley in the UK.