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    This is a Coleman 521 stove, marked "52 A". It is a WWII design, and I believe it was used by the Medical Corps as a sterilizer.

    1290649398-DSCF4867_opt.jpg 1290649442-DSCF4871_opt.jpg 1290649473-DSCF4866_opt.jpg 1290649506-DSCF4873_opt.jpg 1290649542-DSCF4874_opt.jpg

    The cover / pot snaps into place and is held by the two springs on top of the font, as in the early Coleman 520 model, but not continued in the military version, the M1941. The font itself is very similar to the Coleman 500 series stoves. The burner appears to be identical to the burners in the M1941 and the Coleman 523 medical stoves.

    I made up the stainless steel pot supports to make the stove more useful to me, and support a large pot.

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    Boy that sure is neat looking and it sure looks like a 500 cross-bred with a 520. Hmmm might have to try out that experiment.

    Thanks for sharing. I think this is the first time I've ever seen such good pictures of the stove model. :D/ :D/ :D/

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